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undefined , “Annotation of Genes with Alteration-Centric function changes”. — A customized corpus for mining functions caused by mutations.

undefined We are listing all about AGAC in this portal: Corpus annotation idea, data info, data usage in AGAC track as a shared task, baseline Python codes for AGAC track, and downstream applications with AGAC.

undefined 在这个页面中,我们列出了与AGAC语料库有关的标注规则、数据格式、代码和应用案例。

1. undefined Toy Example (标注示例)

2. undefined Corpus Guideline Book (标注指南)

3. undefined Corpus Development (语料库历史)

4. undefined Corpus Availability and BioNLP Open Shared Task (数据开放和共享任务)

5. undefined Data with Json form (数据格式)

6. undefined Baseline Python Codes (可获取的基线方法和代码)

7. undefined on Alzheimer’s Disease (AGAC在老年痴呆症的应用)

8. undefined on 84 Cancer Literature (AGAC在癌症数据的应用)

9. undefined on Covid-19 Literature (AGAC在新型冠状病毒文献挖掘的应用)

10. undefined for Covid-19 Hackathon Project (AGAC在BLAH7 Hackathon上的参与项目)

11. undefined on GDAS Track, CHIP 2022 (AGAC作为中国健康信息会议2022上的测评任务数据集)

—AGAC Story—

Why did we annotate AGAC?

Youtube video AGAC in BLAH 4, Tokyo, 2017
(Idea of AGAC annotation)

Bilibili视频 AGAC in BLAH 7, Tokyo, 2021
(Aggregate LitCovid with AGAC)


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