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文章《CancerMine: a literature-mined resource for drivers, oncogenes and tumor suppressors in cancer》https://www.nature.com/articles/s41592-019-0422-y#MOESM1   作者:Jake Lever , Eric Y. Zhao , Jasleen Grewal, Martin R. Jones and Steven J. M. Jones 引用方式:Lever, J. , Zhao, E. Y. , Grewal, J. , Jones, M. R. , & Jones, S. . (2019). Cancermine:…

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Our matrix/tensor joint decomposition model is published in JBI

We published the JDHMT model in JBI. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1532046421003026 Highlights(论文亮点) We propose a typical knowledge form in multi-relational heterogeneous graph, i.e., (gene/disease, uni-relation, other heterogeneous entity), (gene, multi-relation, disease), where a relatively sparse multi-relation knowledge between gene and disease is preserved. (我们在多关系异构图中提出了一种典型的知识形式,即(基因/疾病,单关系,其他异构实体),(基因,多关系,疾病),其中基因之间相对稀疏的多关系知识和 疾病得以保存。) 2. We curate human…

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Let’s say “Congrats” to Xuan Guan, and other young guys who newly assembled a SRF team and received a “tiny” funding to start their “tiny” research.

Actually, there is never a “tiny” research. Every subtle interest in science may sparkle huge motive to achieve something big. Let me say congratulations to all of you. 关璇、李梓悦、韩俊敏、牛一冰、吴璐璐。 They planned to run a network diffusion algorithm to handle two sorts of heterogeneous data…

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Hiking in East lake, Wuhan, Dec 2021. (Click for video)


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