AGAC Development History

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The corpus construction got started at Sep, 2017, and reached its latest version in 2019 when it was released as the training data in AGAC Track in BioNLP-OST, 2019.

  • 1) AGAC (v1.0). (Sep, 2017—Aug,2018)
  • 2) AGAC (v1.1). (Sep, 2018—Jan,2019)
  • 3) AGAC (V2.0). (Feb, 2019 —Aug, 2019)


Kaiyin Zhou, et al. GOF/LOF Knowledge Inference with Tensor Decomposition in Support of High order Link Discovery for Gene, MBE, 2019, 16(3):1376-1391.

Mina Gachloo, et al. A Review of the Drug Knowledge Discovery by Using BioNLP and Tensor or Matrix Decomposition. Genomics & Informatics, 2019, 17(2): e18.

Yuxing Wang, et al. An Active Gene Annotation Corpus and Its Application on Anti-epilepsy Drug Discovery. BIBM 2019: International Conference on Bioinformatics & Biomedicine, San Diego, U.S, Nov, 2019.

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Jingbo’s HZAU BioNLP lab, College of Informatics
Huazhong Agricultural Univ

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