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A page to visualize the result of AGAC annotation on Covid-19 literatures.

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The amount of Covid-19 related literatures is increasing rapidly, and there are a lot of descriptions about the activities of the virus in organisms. Interested in the changed biological processes in these literatures, AGAC corpus was used to annotate the texts in LitCoivd.


Since AGAC is concentrated on the biological processes caused by mutation, some of the annotations are not relevant in Covid-19 related texts. Therefore, we only used part of AGAC corpus with 8 labels:

  • 4 biological-concept labels annotate the biological proceses: Molecular Phsiological Activity, Interaction, Pathway, Cell Phsiological Activity.
  • 2 regulatory-concept labels annotate the change: PosReg, NegReg.
  • 2 biological entities: Enzyme, Protein.


To investigate the changed biological processes and the related gene in Covid-19 literatures, we extracted the words that annotated by AGAC and the gene annotated by Litcovid which co- occurred in sentence-level. Figure at the left shows the biological processes in ACE2 gene, there is a strong relation between ACE2 and “bind” which is annotated as Interaction by AGAC. It means ACE2 related binding are concerned a lot in the Covid-19 research.

Annotations download here.

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Sizhuo Ouyang, Yuxing Wang, Kaiyin Zhou, Jingbo Xia*. LitCovid-AGAC: Cellular and Molecular Level Annotation Data Set Based on Covid-19. Genomics and Informatics, 2021; 19(3): e23.

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