Sue Xuan Qin’s work in pathway enrichment is accepted by CHIP 2020.

Sue developed a new metric to evaluate the effect of text mining method in terms of pathway enrichment. This was an interesting work during her graduate research. The work is accepted by The China Conference on Health Information Processing (CHIP) 2020. Please join me to say “Congrats”!

CFP: Special Issue of Future Internet: “Curative Power of Medical Data 2020”

MEDA 2020 was successfully held today, and all of the accepted paper will be transferred to special issue (SI) of Future Internet with a 50% extension. In the meantime, we are inviting new paper submission to special issue of Future Internet. You are welcomed to submit your recent work to this SI. The SIContinue reading “CFP: Special Issue of Future Internet: “Curative Power of Medical Data 2020””

MEDA 2020 program is released. The work shop will be held virtually in ZOOM. Topic: MEDA 2020Time: Aug 1, 2020 07:30 PM Beijing, ShanghaiTime: Aug 1, 2020 01:30 PM, CEST Time Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 623 726 4211Passcode: MEDA2020 以下是欧洲中部时间。东八区开始时间为19:30. 13:30 PM – 14:00 PM Anna Ripple, Kevin B. Cohen, Daniela Gifu, Youzhu Li, Jingbo Xia Introduction: Natural Language Processing for ClinicalContinue reading “MEDA 2020 program is released.”

The lab publishes a new work in BioNLP & “Phenotype research”

Link: Background It is of utmost importance to investigate novel therapies for cancer, as it is a major cause of death. In recent years, immunotherapies, especially those against immune checkpoints, have been developed and brought significant improvement in cancer management. However, on the other hand, immune checkpoints blockade (ICB) by monoclonal antiboties may causeContinue reading “The lab publishes a new work in BioNLP & “Phenotype research””