《Mining mutation type with AGAC, case study in AD》Video is released.

We are happy to release a video which introduces AGAC corpus and its application in mutation type discovery. A recent case study in gene-disease association discovery in AD is as well introduced. Alternatively, visit the video via this link. To visit the whole AGAC page, please click here.

The lab is releasing a new video about enrRiceTrait

Here, enrRiceTrait is a new tool for rice trait ontology. To present the enrichment, gene-trait association results are based on text mining and available data bases, while the traits are normalized by RTO 1.0, a newly developed rice trait ontology. (Video released in Apr, 2021). Alternatively, watch the video here. To visit the whole project,Continue reading “The lab is releasing a new video about enrRiceTrait”

Thank Dr. Anastasia Krithara for a wonderful “iASiS KG” talk.

We are happy to have Dr. Anastasia Krithara from National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” virtually visited us and give a wonderful online talk, entitled as “iASiS Open Data Graph: Automated Semantic Integration of Disease-Specific Knowledge”. http://coi.hzau.edu.cn/info/1023/7518.htm

“AGAC on mutation information bridging” is published online. Congrats!

This work shows how AGAC serves for LOF/GOF mutation retrieval and Gene–Disease Association prediction. Link to the paper. Abstract Bridging heterogeneous mutation data fills in the gap between various data categories and propels discovery of disease-related genes. It is known that genome-wide association study (GWAS) infers significant mutation associations that link genotype and phenotype. However, due toContinue reading ““AGAC on mutation information bridging” is published online. Congrats!”

Congrats Xuan for an paper-acceptance in JMIR medical informatics

Congratulations to Xuan for the acceptance of the “pathway enrichment” paper. In this research, Xuan developed a set of new metrics to evaluate the effective of pathway enrichment in terms of text mined vital gene set. This research reflect an interesting view, from which BioNLPers could observe how the literature-mined entities contribute to the downstreamContinue reading “Congrats Xuan for an paper-acceptance in JMIR medical informatics”

Congrats for the publication of lab alumni’s paper

Let’s congrats the final publication of the paper “Key phrase Extraction by Improving TextRank with an Integration of Word Embedding and Syntactic Information” in Recent Advances in Computer Science and Communications, 2021, 14(9): 2987-2993. It was a work done by college grade-1 students years ago. Never easy. Congrats!

Yuxing and Sizhuo are uploading AGAC-LitCovid annotations to PubAnnotation during BLAH7

Nice work. It is fun to attend BLAH7 in a virtual way. https://blah7.linkedannotation.org/program We are also curious to see how AGAC annotation would contribute for the knowledge discovery by unveiling entity and relations from covid-19 literature. More about the work: https://hzaubionlp.com/agac-on-covid-19-literature/ Thank Yuxing who gave three rounds of plenary talks during the five days hackathon.

CFP: Future Internet (EI-indexed), special issue for MEDA

Special Issue page (submission direction included): https://www.mdpi.com/journal/futureinternet/special_issues/CPMD_2020 The deadline has been extended to (20 Nov, 2020) 31 Mar, 2021. Message from the Guest Editors MEDA-2020 aims to gather innovative approaches for the exploitation of biomedical data using semantic web technologies and linked data by bringing together practitioners, researchers, and scholars to share examples, use cases,Continue reading “CFP: Future Internet (EI-indexed), special issue for MEDA”