The lab is releasing new material for green hand NLPer

暑期算法研讨也助我修订了这份材料,考虑到NLP入门所需的概率学基础和信息论基础,这个材料在我们讨论班中使用,效果尚可。请可劲儿下载。During the summer algorithmic seminar, I am happy to involve the lab members to discuss some basic concepts in prob. theory and entropy. If you are a green hand NLPer, you are very much welcomed to check this teaching material. 请仅以自学为目的拥有此份资料。We express our gratitude to all the original authors of the cited figures and texts.Continue reading “The lab is releasing new material for green hand NLPer”

Sue’s “pathway enrichment metric” work is online finally.

这篇小工作介绍了如何引入恰当地度量,客观地评价一个基因集的通路富集。This work introduced proper metric to evaluate the effectiveness of pathway enrichment in terms of an selected gene set. Paper link: Paper ToC figure:

Congrats to Yufei et al who won a “Guochuang” funding

Congrats to Yufeu et al who won a “Guochuang” funding in the support of their 2.1k rice trait corpus research. “Guochuang”, pinyin of “国创”, is a nation-level research funding for supporting college students’ early science training. Check the link for more detail about their project: